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How To Fix Hollywood’s Surprising Gender Pay Gap.


While it’s an awful act for sure, the Sony email hack has been successful in revealing some ugly truths about what goes on behind the scenes. A hugely disappointing revelation was that Jennifer Lawrence (Oscar winner and one of THE biggest box office draws today) and Amy Adams (five-time Oscar nominee) earned considerably less salaries than their male costars for American Hustle. The glass ceiling of gender inequality still exists across economies, even among top-tier positions. However, it still comes as a shock for an industry as prosperous as Hollywood, where one would think that paydays aren’t a reflection of gender. Shaunna Murphy at MTV.com wrote this thinkpiece about what needs to be done to fix this issue. Seriously, it’s unacceptable that so many women, particularly huge talents like Lawrence and Adams are also relegated to second-class citizen status:



Here We Are!

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