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What BuzzFeed can learn from Time, USA Today, and MTV. A Great Longform Read.


This amazing analytical piece of writing in The Atlantic talks about the cultural phenomenon that is BuzzFeed and how it emulates the cultural benchmarks set by three previous iconoclastic media establishments : Time, USA Today, and MTV. Each of those were written off by more ‘serious’ rivals as an exercise in dumbing down but persistently weaved themselves into the cultural fabric as a foremost means of mass communication. Each also benefited from the rising tide of the dominant medium, which today is the internet (DUH!). The piece talks about what lessons BuzzFeed can learn from those spiritual predecessors and how it can try to remain relevant in an ever-changing media climate. The parallels drawn are surprisingly accurate:


P.S. Shani Hilton really is amazing!


More Of My Work: Me Celebrating Joan Didion’s Céline Campaign

Here’s my latest piece on Style Vault Dubai about the legendary Joan Didion’s badass new campaign with Céline. Bravo to the French fashion brand for recognizing an empowered woman of her experience and age!:


NYMag Piece On 25 Women And Their Collegiate Experiences


Found this wonderful new piece in NYMag compiled by Julie Ma. Just goes on to show the different experiences people can have in college. It’s a series of excerpts from publications where famous women discuss their time in college, and you see clear evidence of how those years helped them develop later on. It also tracks the varying generational struggles these women have had: some against society, some against the system, some against themselves. Although it features women only, I honestly feel each and every one of these excerpts could be applied to men too. These aren’t just anecdotes but rather nuggets of learned experience. Enjoy reading.