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Amy Schumer’s Video Speaks The Brutal Truth

Here’s a brilliant skit from Inside Amy Schumer where Julia Louis-Dreyfus joins Tina Fey and Patricia Arquette to celebrate her ‘last f**kable day’ as mandated by the media. It’s a satirical reflection of the entertainment industry’s not-so-latent ageism and misogyny.

Female actors of a certain age will either get relegated to pointless roles or be forgotten altogether in favor of young ingenues. There’s also the mention of how women will be considered ‘too old’ to be paired opposite male actors (who have no such day) twice their age. Special points for mentioning how Sally Field graduated from playing Tom Hanks’ girlfriend to his mother!

If you too feel that such treatment of women and squandering of their skill needs to stop, then watch the hilariously honest video:


Happy International Women’s Day!

A friend’s Facebook post recently pointed out that ideological movements like feminism have taken so long to prevail because the global culture deems it more important to publicly identify as a feminist than to actually do something that combats patriarchy.

In other words, a lot of people talk the talk but don’t walk the walk. On this Women’s Day, I want to celebrate people and organizations that actually do the former and help others follow suit. Being a young man, I have personally valued initiatives that motivate male allies like myself. Here are two prime examples:


First,there’s The Good Men Project. It doesn’t take a genius to realize that patriarchal orders oppress both genders but in different ways. Men are also negatively impacted by societal pressures like women, though the symptoms may be different.

The Good Men Project strives to redefine modern-day masculinity and encourages men to eschew stigmas that either hold them back or harbor within them as hurt.

The website frequently publishes experience-based long-form journalism and shares important articles from other sites too. This is one of their most recent, a list from RaisingGreatMen.com about raising boys as better critical thinkers.


Follow them online and show your support!

Then of course there’s Emma Watson’s HeForShe.


Through this UN-supported, social media lionized project, Watson took on the daunting but admirable task of promoting a feminist sentiment in males and also explaining how an uneven social order with narrowly defined roles is in fact detrimental to both genders.

Though less than a year old, HeForShe has amassed a great following and has created room for crucial dialog by challenging and questioning men in every aspect of life about how they help the women around them gain acknowledgment.

My respect for this initiative is endless and in the past year, my respect for Emma Watson (already quite respectable for her intellect and talent) has increased tenfold.

To commemorate this year’s International Women’s Day, Watson represented HeForShe with a live Q&A session at Facebook which involved details on the project as well as interaction with the audience. Here it is:

If you don’t already, like HeForShe on FB and follow it on Twitter and Instagram. Trust me, you will be in distinguished company. You can also share related opinions using #HeForShe.

I hope more projects like these two come up and fight the war for gender equality in the right way. Remember that feminism is not man-hating but a belief that both genders are on the same page with privileges.

Happy International Women’s Day!

Newsweek’s Piece On Rampant Silicon Valley Sexism

Newsweek cover

Here’s a dose of eyeopening disgust! With Newsweek‘s controversial cover came this cover story that exposes shocking level of Silicon Valley sexism. Here’s a look at how even today, female tech entrepreneurs struggle to accomplish their goals while fending off remarks on their intellect, dealing with lack of financial support, and even facing full-on sexual harassment. Good on Newsweek and Nina Burleigh for bringing this to the rest of the world.Read it here:


And you thought Wolf Of Wall Street-era female stockbrokers had it hard.

Ava DuVernay Is Bouncing Back With A New Project


You can throw all the backlash and award snubs her way, but it clearly won’t hold Ava DuVernay down. She has successfully mounted her next project, an as-yet-untitled drama/thriller set in post-Katrina New Orleans.

There are so many great things about this news. First, DuVernay, like countless female directors before her, didn’t have to wait a few years and knock on a few doors before locking her next project. She’s risen from disappointing news to shift her focus on a new film, which is being funded by Participant Media, the distributors of her 2012 Sundance prizewinner Middle of Nowhere.

Also,this is also her third time working with actor David Oyelowo,for all we know these two are headed for a Tarantino/Jackson,Burton/Depp,Scorsese/De Niro(or DiCaprio) kind of long working relationship. Oyelowo is even helping co-produce the project.

And very importantly, this film will deal with the Katrina aftermath from a Black perspective. Instead of the typical ‘Stranger-In-A-Strange-Land’ narrative that would have planted a wealthy White male into the doldrums of destruction among secondary Black characters, the film’s POV will be of the race that bore the biggest brunt of devastation and indifference.

It’s great that DuVernay is getting to pick her projects and do them in quick succession. It’s also great that she’s sticking to these lower-key character-based dramas rather than the proposed bigger-budget alternative. Looking forward to this film already!

How To Fix Hollywood’s Surprising Gender Pay Gap.


While it’s an awful act for sure, the Sony email hack has been successful in revealing some ugly truths about what goes on behind the scenes. A hugely disappointing revelation was that Jennifer Lawrence (Oscar winner and one of THE biggest box office draws today) and Amy Adams (five-time Oscar nominee) earned considerably less salaries than their male costars for American Hustle. The glass ceiling of gender inequality still exists across economies, even among top-tier positions. However, it still comes as a shock for an industry as prosperous as Hollywood, where one would think that paydays aren’t a reflection of gender. Shaunna Murphy at MTV.com wrote this thinkpiece about what needs to be done to fix this issue. Seriously, it’s unacceptable that so many women, particularly huge talents like Lawrence and Adams are also relegated to second-class citizen status:


From The Hollywood Reporter- “What Happens to All These Women After They Direct Their First Film?”

Emmy and Oscar nominated director Leslie Linka Glatter wrote this piece in THR describing the double standards most female directors face even today, irrespective of talent. A good read.


NYMag Piece On 25 Women And Their Collegiate Experiences


Found this wonderful new piece in NYMag compiled by Julie Ma. Just goes on to show the different experiences people can have in college. It’s a series of excerpts from publications where famous women discuss their time in college, and you see clear evidence of how those years helped them develop later on. It also tracks the varying generational struggles these women have had: some against society, some against the system, some against themselves. Although it features women only, I honestly feel each and every one of these excerpts could be applied to men too. These aren’t just anecdotes but rather nuggets of learned experience. Enjoy reading.