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When Your Local Sandstorm’s In International News

You know you experienced a climatic phenomenon when your hometown is getting international news coverage because of it.This Thursday, Dubai was covered in natural sepia tone as a sandstorm (technically, it wasn’t a storm, more of an atmosphere encompassing breeze but hey, ‘Sharknado’ was a waterspout) filled the entire city. Social media couldn’t get enough. I woke up that morning and pulled my curtains to a dystopian universe prototype that was at once serene and eerie:

While the sandy shade faded by evening, the weather remained a little harsh. And while that was the prediction for the entire weekend, today things seemed back to normal. Here’s the report from Mic with more pictures to explain:

There’s more pictorial support in this article from local source The National:

P.S. What you saw in Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol was indeed exaggerated nonsense, those sandstorms are really not that common or severe. Even this recent occurrence is at best an anomaly.