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Here’s a feature that I just did for Style Vault Dubai where I am currently a Contributing Editor. Their first webzine was published last month and I did the cover story as well as a playlist. I am also doing this month’s cover story so busy busy! I regularly contribute to the website and get the chance to do thought-provoking columns like this one. Hope you like it. You can see more of my work at the website too:¬†

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Music: Lorde’s “Yellow Flicker Beat”


It’s been promoted for weeks now, and it’s finally here. Lorde’s new song “Yellow Flicker Beat” is from the OST of The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. Although, a very LOTR-style cover art might mislead some.

The first two Hunger Games films were accompanied by killer soundtracks (curated by alt-rock/folksy T.Bone Burnett and indie-rock/pop Alex Patsavas respectively) so I’m expecting the same level of excellence with this one, but we don’t get to hear the whole set till November.

Well, the song itself is very Lorde. Her voice is loomy and filled with her preternatural wisdom. The chorus is something that takes some time catch on, but you know that with enough listens you too will hum along. She does have a knack for catchy basslines, as heard in “Royals”, “Team”, and “Tennis Court’. This one is no exception:

He has so much to say