Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Is Backing Adrian Grenier’s Loneliest Whale Doc!


One famous environmentalist sticks up for another and you feel that all is good in the universe. The fact that Adrian Grenier is poles apart from the vain jerk he played on Entourage speaks volumes about his skills as an actor. In addition, he’s also a noted musician and a documentary filmmaker (watch the underrated gem Teenage Paparazzo if you can!) And now he’s all set for his next project, with a little help from Leo! On the verge of its Kickstarter campaign’s expiration, Leonardo DiCaprio, whose deep pockets also helped in getting Virunga made, has used his environmentally conscious foundation to donate a hefty $50,000 to the doc’s production.

This film will be titled 52: The Search for the Loneliest Whale, and will track down the mysterious ‘lonely whale’, the much-fabled solitary sea-mammal that is the only known whale that creates sound-waves at 52 Hz. It’s been heard through hydrophones over several years but has been hard to track since it travels without a pod. Unable to communicate, the whale is all by itself, lonely. The documentary will deal with issues such as sound pollution and whales as an endangered species. A lonely whale could use some friends, why not us humans?

Fun fact: Whale poo fertilizes underwater plantation.

Good luck to Grenier! Here’s the Variety report:



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