Television Academy’s New Rules – WHY?


This has got to be a conspiracy. Folks sitting up high in ‘creative’ fields seem to have a huge problem with creativity itself! I’m referring to the brand new set of rule changes the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences just announced.

All those dramedies you love? The ones making TV so worthwhile today? Shameless? Orange Is The New Black? You can stop calling them funny because they’re officially ineligible for Comedy Series (jeez if you want Modern Family to win that bad, just say so!). The category will now accept shows that only clock in at 30 minutes. Jane The Virgin, which is most definitely a comedy MIGHT get in if a special case is petitioned. The other two shows can still compete in Drama Series, which is being expanded to seven categories because that race wasn’t crowded enough already.

Also smaller serialized dramas like Sherlock? You’ve probably seen the last of them because they don’t qualify for “Limited Series”, the new name given to the Mini-Series category. The category states that the series should have “no ongoing story lines or main characters” in subsequent seasons. That’s right, AHS: Freak Show kinda shot themselves in the foot by connecting two universes through Pepper and Sister Mary Eunice.

The Guest Acting rules now require that a performer must appear in less than 50% of the program’s episodes. The big losers here of course are the OITNB ladies that scored three nods (and a win) in Guest Actress last year. Looks like amazing recurring turns this season by Lorraine Toussaint, Samira Wiley, Yael Stone, Selenis Leyva, and Alysia Reiner officially just went to waste. Meanwhile SNL guest hosts and name-value cameos get to keep their free passes.

I know what you’re thinking, even I used to think rules are changed and revised to make things better.


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