How The Boy Band Dream Can Actually Be A Nightmare.

Jenna Mullins is officially my favorite writer at E! Online, and not because her boyfriend Kyle (an awesome guy btw) was my SA at USC. It’s because she regularly contributes pieces like these, biting and brutally honest.


This latest one is a pseudo-expose that sheds light on the murky happenings behind pop stardom. Pre-One Direction, the 90s and early 00s were a high tide for boy bands. Record labels constantly tried to cram together a group of young impressionable boys and market them to hordes of equally impressionable teen girls. But like spaghetti you throw at the fridge,it didn’t always stick. For every NKOTB, BSB, N’SYNC, and 98 Degrees, there are countless crushed hopes and unrealized dreams of young guys exploited and ripped off by record labels.

Kevin Yee of the one semi-hit wonder band Youth Asylum did a reddit AMA recently where he spilled the beans on a lot, and this piece expounds upon that. After their subsidiary label was shut down, the boys were dropped with no riches to fall back on and their album went unreleased. It’s depressing but not nearly as depressing as his former bandmate Leo Gallo’s blind audition to Blurred Lines on The Voice that predictably led to no chairs turning.

Read the E! Online piece here:

P.S. Kevin is still active in the music scene and now luckily gets to do the kind of stuff he wants, check his YouTube channel here:


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