Ridley Scott’s Response To Exodus Casting Controversy Proves What’s Wrong With Race In Hollywood


Exodus: Gods and Kings has been trailed by uproar for a while now. Yeah, setting a film in ancient Egypt with an all-White principal cast will do that for you. However, director Ridley Scott has chosen to respond to the criticism. We never got such answers about Noah but that film had issues of its own. Read Scott’s tragic explanation here:


Well it’s nowhere nearly as tragic as Rupert Murdoch’s ignorance but still. We need to ask ourselves, are we really the shallow, obtuse, self-centered folk they safely assume we are? Is star power more important to us than historical accuracy of a Biblical tale? Do we really want more and more of the same double standards under the guise of our entertainment because it mints studios money? If yes then our species fudged up somewhere along the way. For a film like this where the subject matter alone is controversial, you have a story that could’ve sold the film well, gathering A-list talent isn’t doing much.

To be fair, the film does have some diversity, but the roles they’re in is doubly depressing:
exodus cast image

If you want to fuel this fire by giving it your money, more power to you. If you want this to end, spend your cash on something original instead and wonder why it opened in only six theaters nationwide.


One thought on “Ridley Scott’s Response To Exodus Casting Controversy Proves What’s Wrong With Race In Hollywood”

  1. I Love Ridley Scott Because He Is The Best Director Of Exodus: Gods
    And Kings And I Cared A Lot About The Story That He Directed And E
    ven Though I Don’t Know Him But He Is Still The Best Filmmaker And
    Writer And I Think Of Scott As A Friend! A Big Thumb Up For Scott’s
    Best Work On Filming Exodus: Gods And Kings!

    PS Ridley Scott Was A Awesome Man!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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